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Russottfinance S.p.a.
R & B Powder Coating, Inc.
R & S Machining, Inc.
R B I Precision
R. Hueter Co. LLC
R.A.K.I. Computers Recycling
R.B. Industries, Inc.
R.C.S. Ricerca Consulenza e Sviluppo S.r.l.
R.D.F. S.r.l.
R.F. Elettronica di Russo Graziano S.a.s.
R.G. Multiservice di Raso Giusi
R.G. Service S.r.l. a socio unico
R.L. Lewis Industries, Inc.
R.S. Hughes Co., Inc.
R.S. Hughes Co., Inc.
R.S. Hughes Co., Inc.
R.S. Hughes Co., Inc.
R.S. Hughes, Inc.
R.T.S. S.r.l.
RA 2 Elettrotecnica S.r.l.
Radco Industries, Inc.
RAE - I.T. Asset Management
Raetech S.r.l.
RAF Tabtronics LLC
Raggio S.r.l.
Rahn Industries
Rainbow Tape and Label, Inc.
Raitech S.r.l.
Raja Housing Limited
Ram Electronics, Inc.
Ram Steel Enterprises
Rapid Coatings, Inc.
Rapid Metals, LLC
Rapid Precision Manufacturing Incorporated
Rapier Solutions, Inc.
Rathbun Associates Inc.
Rauch Industries
Ray Industries, Inc.
Raytheon EO Innovations
Razzetti Costruzioni Generali S.r.l.
RBC Turbine Components LLC
RBP Chemical Technology, Inc. and its division of RD Chemical Co.
RC Coil Spring Manufacturing Company, Inc.
RCO Engineering
RCR Recupero Consolidamento Restauro S.r.l.
RD di Rocco Delfino
RD Industries
RDI, Inc.
Re.Co.Im. S.r.l.
Ready Containment
Reagan Wireless
Real Plating
Real Security di Rella Alessandro
Rebel Steel Inc.
Recco Products, Inc.
Red Ball Oxygen Company
Red Control S.r.l.
Red Hill S.r.l.
ReD S.r.l.
RedHawk IT Solutions, LLC
Redial S.r.l.
Referentia Systems Incorporated
ReFone Trading Inc.
Refri. Cond. S.r.l.
Regal Metal Products
Regal Plastic Supply Co.
Regal Supply Company dba Regal Graphics
Regina USA, Inc.
Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery
Register Lithographers Ltd.
Reladyne-Motor Oil Custom Blending
Relbac Erevna, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Reliance Gear Corporation
Reliance Rubber Industries Incorporated
REM Chemicals, Inc. d/b/a/ REM Surface Engineering
REM S.r.l.
Remington Seeds LLC
Renco Machine Company, Inc.
Renée Blanche S.r.l.
REPS Custom Machining and Fabrication LTD
REPS Resource LLC
Rescue Cell Phone
Research Data Analysis, Inc., dba RDA Group, dba Ipsos RDA
Resicum International
ResinTech, Inc.
Resinzeta S.r.l.
Resonant Solutions LLC
Resortes y Partes, S.A. de C.V.
Revere Electric Supply
RF Romflange Italia S.r.l.
RFHIC US Corporation
RGH Associates & Jalex Industries Ltd.
RGM Tooling
Ribemec S.r.l.
Ricambi Centro Sud S.r.l.
Ricardo & Barbosa, S.A. de C.V.
Ricaurte Precision Inc.
Ricci Costruzioni S.r.l.
Riccio Costruzioni Soc. Coop.
Richards Machine Tool Co., Inc.
Richland Screw Machine Products, Inc.
Richmark Patterns
Richter Precision, Inc.
RIM Molding & Engineering Inc.
Rimeco Società Cooperativa a r.l.
Rimorchiatori Siciliani S.r.l.
Rimtec Corporation
Risoul y Cia, S.A. de C.V.
Rispoli S.r.l.
Ristosan S.r.l.
Rite-Way Industries, Inc.
Riverland Industries
Riverview Products, Inc.
Rizzuto Imbottiture S.r.l.
RLC Electronics Inc.
RMA Armament
RMG Enterprise LLC
Robbins Lumber Inc.
Robinson Aircraft Interiors
Robotic Research, LLC
ROCAM S.p.a.
Rocket Air Supply
Rockett, Inc.
Rockford Process Control, Inc.
Rogers Electro-Matics Inc
Rohder Machine & Tool, Inc.
Rolled Metal Products
Rolled Metal Products
Roller Die & Forming Co.
Romney Motion Inc
Ronan Engineering Company
Rontex America Inc.
Rosato Costruzioni S.r.l.
Roscoe Manufacturing, LLC
Ross Optical Industries, Inc.
Roush Industries Building #6
Royal Box
Royal Coil Incorporated
Royster's Machine Shop, LLC
Royster's Production Machining
RP Abrasives
RPM Services, Inc.
RS Microwave Company Inc.
RSI Inc.
RTD Embedded Technologies
RTD/Elas Tek Molding
RTM Products, Inc.
Rumar Mfg Corp
Rumsey Electric Company
Rusach International
Russell's Tube Forming, Inc.
Russo Giuseppe
Russotti Gestioni Hotels S.p.a.
Ruuhwa Dann and Associates, Inc. dba Cal Micro Recycling
RW Technologies US, LLC
RWK Tool, Inc.
Rysco Corrosion Services Inc.